1.   The approach adopted here follows the “Total Geology” approach to site appraisal advocated by Peter in his Glossop Lecture and set out at This process driven approach emphasises the complexity of the ground and generally leads to a better understanding.

2.   Geologists use a concise vocabulary to encapsulate complex ideas. I have provided hypertext links to to explain these terms. I would tear strips off an undergraduate who did the same.

3.   Geological maps and accompanying explanatory notes of the Göcek area and its surroundings
are published by the Maden Tetkik ve >Arama Genel Müdürlügü (MTA) in Ankara (Geological Survey of Turkey). These can only be bought from MTA offices in Ankara.

4.   Several papers can found at, including a good summary paper

5.   A Google search will bring up synopses of academic papers but there is a charge of up to $100 to download the full paper. A Google book search - : will bring up more than 1000 results including Tectronics and magmatism in Turkey and the surrounding area

Tectonic Setting

Local Geology