Göcek Landscape: Geology and Geomorphology

On a walk that Bob and I undertook with Les Davison, our local geological expert, it became apparent how little we knew about our local landscape.  We suggested to Les that there might be other people, apart from ourselves, who were equally interested in knowing more; and so we asked him if he would be prepared to submit an article under the umbrella of Gocek Events.  Below is the very interesting and detailed description that Les has prepared which we hope you will enjoy reading.
 When Bob and I suggested this idea we had no clue as to just how much work collating all the information would involve and so we would like to put on paper our thanks to Les for this huge effort.


Helen and Bob Vasper

The geology of Turkey, the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean has been the subject of extensive geological research and debate because it provides many insights into the way continents move. By and large, geology is concerned with hard rock. Geomorphology deals with the loose heterogeneous regolith, which covers the hard rock in many places, forms the flat ground on which Göcek is built. Gravity and wave energy are powerful geomorphological forces, both have a significant impact on the Göcek landscape.

Tectonic Setting

Local Geology