10th December 2017 

I just started this by typing 10th January – is this my mind putting me firmly back in Turkey?

It has turned a lot colder here this week and we even had a sprinkling of snow on Thursday.   I keep being told that it is cold in Gocek but I bet it’s not -1 at night!

As those of you with Turkish driving licences will know, we have until 2020 to apply for the new EU-style licence which requires us to send our UK licences back to the DVLA.   I found this article quite helpful in clarifying the various options (CLICK HERE)

We haven’t explored the Black Sea area of Turkey yet but this article in Fethiye Times has certainly whetted my appetite (CLICK HERE). Artvin sounds amazing.

I am glad to see that the TL is still holding at 5.1 to the pound.  Hope it lasts till we come back.

One thing I am particularly noticing on this visit to the UK is the amount of ready meals in the supermarkets compared with Turkey.   Does this indicate the higher level of working women in the UK or just that Turkish women prefer to cook from scratch?  

Only two weeks to Christmas and things are getting frenetic in the shops ….still, it will soon be over.