23rd December 2017 

Thank goodness, Christmas is almost here.  I am getting very tired of hearing Slade’s Merry Christmas in all the shops and constant adverts on the box.  Am I getting old and grumpy?

We have been having a driveway installed on our front garden this week.   Parking in our small road is a nightmare so we found a small local building firm to carry out the work for us.   They were great – turned up on time (no Turkish time here) and worked really hard.   We now have to wait for Council permission to drop the kerb – of course, as it’s Christmas, it will take twice as long to come through.   Still, luckily we don’t need to be here when it is done so it won’t affect our return to Gocek.

For any of you thinking of applying for Long Term Residence in the near future, you might find this information on obtaining your criminal record of use.   It comes second-hand so I take no responsibility for accuracy!!

You can do the whole thing from Turkey via the internet and courier in about 5 weeks so it's probably best to start that part of the LTRP process  first whilst your sorting out the rest of it.

Before you go on the ACRO website download your identity info ie: passport, current Turkish visa etc on to your computer, then you can upload it when you have filled in your application. You then have 2 choices

(a) you can have the documents sent back by E.Mail.
(b) sent back by mail.

Under no circumstances have them sent back by E.Mail I believe the DMGG will question their authenticity, get them back by post which takes about 2/3 weeks.

Then fill in the Foreign Office application for your Apostille on line and send the ACRO documents by courier to the Foreign Office, I used Aras cargo and got them back in 13 days, they will come back from the Foreign Office with DSL courier as far as İstanbul, then Yurti cargo to Kaş, DSL will send you an Email when they are in transit and you can track them via their website.
Total cost for 2 people:          ACRO:                                  2 DOCUMENTS:                   20 GBP.
                                             FOREİGN  OFFİCE:              2 DOCUMENTS:                   60 GBP.
                                             FOREİGN  OFFİCE:               COURİER  TO TURKEY:     25  GBP. 
                                                                                                             TOTAL:               105 GBP.

ARAS CARGO KAS TO FOREİGN  OFFİCE:                                                              172 TL.   
TRANSLATİON AND NOTARİSATİON KAŞ  NOTARY                                                600 TL.    

Total cost approx  1300 TL. slightly more expensive then the previous 5 years residency visa For 2 people which was 1100 TL.

This information was provided by someone in Kas, but obviously you can arrange cargo to Gocek instead.

Do you fancy a visit to a Paper Museum?   If so, have a look at (CLICK HERE).  Can’t say it does a lot for me…..

Only 11 days till we shall be back hopefully in blue skies and sunshine.   Quite honestly, I don’t care what the weather will be doing…I just want to smile at people and say Merhaba.

A very happy Christmas to you all, have a great time.