10th April 2016 

What a busy week here in Wellington.   Apart from the usual round of happy shopping, we have been on the culture trail with the National Trust.   We discovered that annual membership for the two of us costs £105 whilst entry for most of the properties around here is £13 per person;  therefore four visits to houses and the membership has paid for itself.   I must admit it makes a pleasant change from Roman ruins!

I was very amused by this article in the Daily Mail this week (CLICK HERE)
It says it is Uzumlu near Fethiye but I find it difficult to believe….although perhaps the number of expats living here have raised the ladies’ expectations!

As always, I am horrified by the price of fruit and vegetables here in the UK – thank goodness I can hit Gocek market next Sunday.

However, apart from the prices, I have been happily wandering round the shops here.   We have a fantastic cheese shop in the town and I really have to fight not to get totally carried away with the variety of cheese available.   Makes a pleasant change from eski beyaz peynir!

I did enjoy watching this video from Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE)  It’s well filmed and makes me feel homesick just watching it.   Those of you who know Fethiye may feel the same.

I have lost count of the number of people we have met here who look appalled when we say we live in Turkey  and say, with horror, but surely it’s really dangerous there?   We come out with all the usual bits of info…like we live in a relatively Westernised area;  it can happen anywhere in the world etc. but it is so sad that the UK media has given the impression that jihadis lurk round every corner in our beautiful country.   Trouble can happen anywhere in the world so why avoid coming to such a lovely place?

We shall be back home in the sunshine next week – the forecast looks around 26 degrees there – better than the 11 degrees we have here today.