10th July 2016

Thank goodness it has been a bit cooler this week.   There have been quite a few Turkish tourists in town celebrating Bayram but the hotels are still very quiet.   I went into town on Saturday morning and it was absolutely heaving with people and traffic.   The line of cars coming into town was completely stationary with vehicles fighting to get into the car parks.   I imagine the marinas were busy.

One evening this week we visited the Palmiye Restaurant, (which previously was the old Limon and then the Bereket restaurant) up by the main dolmus stop in town.   Some of you may remember Erdem who used to work at the Limon;  he is now the owner of this new restaurant.   We enjoyed our meal there.   The menu is fairly standard but the chips (one of our main criteria of excellence) were good and crispy.   The prices are reasonable and you are shielded from the road by bourgainvillea and other vegetation .

Many of us here are lucky to be patients of local dentist Muammer Sandiraz.   This article in Land of Lights newspaper (CLICK HERE) reinforces the excellent prices and service provided here.   Muammer’s surgery is certainly more up to date than the last UK dentist I visited and you can get an appointment almost immediately!

It’s only a week now until we brave the cold and wet of the UK for a brief visit.   I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but at least Waitrose and Lidl will be calling me!