10th June 2018 

Summer has definitely arrived….temperatures of around 30 – 35 all week!

I told you last week about girl footballers on the football pitch.   This week we had oil wrestlers heaving and straining in the sun.   Whatever next???

I am delighted to hear that a branch of IKEA has opened in Antalya. It is a lot closer than the current store in Izmir and it does mean that I have another good reason to enjoy a stay at our favourite Hotel Canada in Cirali.

The town is definitely getting busier.   There are coaches parked in the market place nearly every day now and the gulets seem to be going out most days.   I have heard a lot of English conversations when I have walked along the main street – let’s hope the local hotels are benefiting.

I have friends staying at the Selya Apart Otel just across from Opera.  (CLICK HERE) It is clean, comfortable and very friendly – well worth a look.

The same friends went to Fethiye market last Tuesday.   I was very interested to hear that they thought things were more expensive there than they are in Gocek market.   Maybe it’s because Gocek market has been so very quiet so far;  the traders are dropping their prices to encourage sales.   Interesting to see if it changes as the season advances.

Ramazan finishes this week – no doubt this will mean noisy parties with lots of food and music.   Iyi Bayramlar!!