10th September 2017 

Now the long Bayram holiday is over, the town is a bit quieter although it is still a nightmare to park.   There are still a few visitors around but once the Turkish schools go back in ten days, I imagine the season will be pretty much over.

Some of you will know Cynthia Winterhalter, who runs the Switch Bowling Alley in town.   She is starting a new project which sounds interesting, producing a photo book of the cultural changes between the old and modern in South East Asia.   You can read more about it on (CLICK HERE)  It sounds a really interesting project.

One of the many magical things I enjoy here is the sound of the call to prayer five times a day.  However, I didn’t really know much about it until I read this article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE).

There seem to have been a few more tourists around this year but I was encouraged to read this article in Daily Sabah about a meeting of Scandinavian visitors in Antalya (CLICK HERE).

Talking of Antalya, we are off for a short break to our favourite Hotel Canada in Cirali next week.
This will be our third visit this year so it’s pretty obvious how much we like it.   So it will be Life in Cirali next week!