11th December 2016 

So we are getting acclimatized to the UK again.   As always, I am amazed at the number of warning signs around, unlike Turkey where you take responsibility for your own actions.   The first example of this was at the airport where a disembodied voice warns you as you get to the end of a walkway to take care getting off! Talk about the nanny state.

Rather upsetting news this week about a rise in Turkish tax on alcohol and cigarettes
 (CLICK HERE)   Still, I refuse to let it affect my evening gin and tonic!

Like many of our yabanci friends in Turkey, we use Google Translate to help us communicate with workmen, shopkeepers and other non-English speakers.   Whilst it usually produces a reasonable translation there are times when a really bizarre group of words is produced.   I was therefore amused to read this article in Daily Sabah (CLICK HERE) which I reckon must have been written by a Google employee!

Bursts of music outside our flat last night heralded the appearance of Father Christmas on a float.  I know it’s silly but I still get a buzz from seeing this; just shows I am still a child at heart…..well, sort of.

A week of Christmas shopping ahead – ho ho ho.