11th March 2018

I have to apologise for misleading you last week.  I have been reprimanded for incorrect info in my paragraph about the new Gocek-Inlice tunnel.  I had assumed that there would still be a road over the hill but apparently it is likely that the tunnel will be the only route between the two places.

I was in town on Friday when the schoolchildren started to sing the Turkish National Anthem.   I was amazed and impressed when a young man actually got off his scooter and stood to attention whilst the singing went on.   I found it quite moving – I don’t think it would happen in the UK.
Coincidentally there is an article in this week’s Fethiye Times about the Turkish National Anthem (CLICK HERE)

There is quite a lot of activity in town now.   There used to be what I think was a private house next to Nursel’s gift shop – it has been completely knocked through from front to the sea so it looks as if it is going to be…..another shop!   Hooray.

Also part of the large paved area on the corner of Macro Center has now been glazed with a central door……certainly looks like a shop or office.   Watch this space.

There is an interesting article in Hurriyet Daily News about the increasing number of tourists this year and the impact on hotel prices.   (CLICK HERE).a Maybe keeping hotel prices reasonable will offset the high cost of flights this year.