11th November 2018 

We still have lovely weather here, although thunder has been rumbling around a few evenings.   A couple of days ago we sat on the balcony watching dramatic flashes of lightning out at sea but that’s where it stayed.

We have had a classic example this week of the complications which sometimes arise living in Turkey.   Pete wanted a couple of cables for our new television which he couldn’t get in the local shops so we decided to give Amazon Turkey a try.
Ordering wasn’t a problem – we were even able to sign in using our UK log-in details.    We ordered from two different suppliers, giving our post office box here as the delivery address.

A couple of days later I got emails confirming that the parcels had been dispatched, and an anticipated delivery date of 1st November.   So we went to the post office on the 1st…..and the 2nd….and the 3rd…… On the 5th I asked the postmaster for help and he checked with one of the cargo companies and told me that it was on its way.   By the 8th we were getting very frustrated.  I had a good look at the original emails and noticed that one of the cargo companies was Yurtici Kargo which has a depot here in Gocek.   The other one was Surat Kargo which I didn’t know at all.    So..back to the post office and the postmaster telephoned Surat for me.   Apparently the parcel had been waiting for us at the depot at Dalaman but as we hadn’t collected it, it had been sent back to Istanbul.   He arranged for it to be resent but we have to collect it from Dalaman!

We then went round to Yurtici Kargo to be told exactly the same thing – the second parcel had been waiting for collection at the cargo office and had been sent back to Istanbul!   One of the problems apparently, was that as we had signed in with our UK account, our UK telephone number wasn’t recognized!

So…..hopefully both parcels should turn up at the respective cargo offices this week.   The morals of this story are obviously that cargo deliveries stay at the cargo office, not the post office address, and make sure you give a Turkish phone number, not a UK one.   Ignore the fact that they had our email address correctly!

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of the death of Ataturk, and as usual, the sirens went off at the time of his death and the children were all in school singing the National Anthem and reading his writings.   Turkey is still a great place to live…..in spite of cargo delivery problems!