11th September 2016 

Bayram started this weekend so iyi bayramlar to you all.   There is a very informative article in Fethiye Times explaining the significance of this major festival (CLICK HERE).  As always, remember the banks will be closed, at least for the four full days for the festival so remember to get enough cash out.   I am not certain whether banks will remain shut for the extra days of the government authorized holiday.

We have had a flock of goats and sheep being taken to graze on the market place the last couple of days. Sad to think they won’t be around for much longer.

This article came as a bit of a shock this week (CLICK HERE).    It certainly makes sense to keep the clocks the same all the year round but this means that during the winter months the UK will be three hours behind us – that will take some getting used to.

I always like to share the unusual sights I come across here in Turkey and today is no exception.   I spent about twenty minutes the other day watching two tortoises mating in the garden – absolutely fascinating.   She wasn’t overkeen and kept trying to extricate herself but he was determined…..but did have some difficulties and kept falling off her!   Eventually however, he succeeded and the repetitive banging together of the two shells echoed round the garden.