12th August 2018 

Greetings from a cold and wet Somerset.  The fine weather didn’t last very long.   Today it is 18 degrees and the forecast for tonight is 8 degrees – I bet it’s a lot better in Gocek.

We have had a busy week traveling to and from the Midlands visiting family.   We also spent an enjoyable couple of days visiting a friend whom we have only seen in Gocek before.   She visits two or three times a year but this is the first time we have seen her on home ground;  we had a lovely time chatting about our favourite town.

We also visited my son on his narrow boat on the canal in Watford.   I must say it has all modcons;  log burner, fully fitted kitchen and even double glazed windows – a far cry from the old fashioned barges which used to go up and down.

Over the last few months we have watched the work being carried out on the new recreation area opposite the Devlet Hospital in Fethiye.   I was interested to read this article in Fethiye Times and see the pictures – it certainly looks well worth a visit (CLICK HERE).  I shall look forward to a visit when we get back to Turkey.

For many years the annual Wobbly Boat race has provided a great deal of fun and amusement.  It’s good to see an article in Land of Lights promoting the next race on 5th November (an appropriate date for us Brits).   (CLICK HERE)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather improves over the rest of the month we are in the UK – I want blue skies, sunshine and a swimming pool!