12th February 2017

Almost half way through February already!  We heard the first signs of spring yesterday – the frogs are croaking in the canal again.

We have had an interesting week renewing our residency permits.   I am delighted to say that the process has become a great deal easier than it was three years ago.   You no longer need to produce financial evidence of income or (in our case) a rental agreement.   All you have to provide now are four biometric photos, a notarized translation of your passport and copies of your previous ikamet.   You do have to provide your previous occupation, your total annual income and…..your last school and the years you spent there.   In our case, it was so long ago it’s difficult to understand how that helps – particularly as neither of our schools exists any more.

We had to visit the Nufus (population) office in Fethiye to confirm our address and the DGMM (Immigration Office) where all our forms were checked, stamped and signed for.   So all we have to do now is wait for a text message telling us that our new ikamets are waiting at the Post Office.

Once again, we were efficiently helped by Yakup Yilmaz who has an office next to the Mulberry Tree café in Fethiye.   We have used his services on several occasions now and can’t thank him enough for making Turkish bureaucracy so easy.   If anyone would like his contact details, please send me an email.    He knows all the right people….always an advantage!

The bowling alley is open again for 3 days this week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we shall be getting some exercise.

The road is still a muddy mess in the town centre but the diggers are still active.