12th June 2016 

We have just finished the first week of Ramadan.   Sitting on our balcony every evening we are deafened by the loud calls to prayer from the three local mosques.   I am sure they vie to see which one can produce the loudest call.

Apparently the Turkish government has decided to increase the public holiday at the end of Ramadan to 9 days from 2nd to 11th July in an attempt to help the tourism industry. (CLICK HERE)
This holiday is nicknamed Seker bayram (sugar festival) and involves children knocking on your door asking for sweets.  Does this mean we shall have nine days of begging tots with outstretched hands?

There are a few more tourists in town but I get the impression they are mainly off yachts from the marinas.   According to an article I have just read  (CLICK HERE).  Turkey is trying to lure 1 million Chinese tourists here this year.   Maybe this will mean an increase in the number of Chinese restaurants?   That would certainly be a good thing.

On the subject of tourism, I am really not sure how I feel about an A300 airbus being sunk off the coast to provide an artificial reef (CLICK HERE).  It seems a terrible misuse  of technology.