12th March 2017

What a foul week – torrential rain and thunder but at least it’s still fairly warm.   The forecast for next week looks better – fingers crossed.   Still, it won’t be long before we are grumbling about the heat and longing for some cooling rain.   Everything is beautifully green now though and the trees are bursting into leaf.

It looks like progress has been made on the main street.   It’s almost all graveled now which hopefully means that paving isn’t far away.   Those of you who know the Ayran Café in the square will be intrigued to learn that the awning in the front has been taken down and they appear to be doing something to the windows of the main building.   As far as I remember the Ayran has been exactly the same for years so it will be interesting to see what Hatice and the family are doing.

There is a new Government website which might be useful to those of us living here. (CLICK HERE) apparently gives details of quite a few useful bits of information – it will be interesting to see if our PTT here knows anything about registering for it!

I had heard of the mandrake plant but had no idea what it looks like so I found this article in Fethiye Times quite interesting (CLICK HERE).  Now I know what to look for, I shall keep my eyes open!