14th August 2017 

I’m afraid this week’s blog is late…..we had a major disaster this weekend.   We have been up to the Midlands for a few days visiting family and drove back yesterday hoping that the traffic wasn’t too bad.   The traffic was OK….but bombing down the M4 we decided to call into a service area for a sandwich and a coffee.   As we came off the motorway, the engine started stalling and finally came to a complete stop and we couldn’t restart it.   Luckily, we had taken out AA cover for our journey so were able to call for help.   I must say it was extremely efficient, only about 30 minutes before the guy arrived and he tried really hard to help us.   Unfortunately the alternator had gone and he couldn’t repair it.   So he took us (and the car) to a local garage and then dumped us at the local Morrisons to wait for my daughter to collect us (a 2 hour trip for her).   As it was Sunday, Morrisons closed at 4pm so we spent an hour standing pathetically on the roadside, waiting.

Anyway we are back in Wellington, waiting for a call from the garage this morning to tell us what a new alternator will cost.   Never a dull moment here.

We only have one more week before we are back in Gocek, thank goodness.   Yesterday, the day of our adventure, was the one fine day we have had since we arrived – so much for our plans to sit in the garden with a couple of g and ts!

In the past we have made a couple of trips via ferry from Turkey to Greece.   This article in Daily Sabah gives details of some new ferry services (CLICK HERE).  I feel a glass of ouzo coming on!