13th November 2016 

So winter is getting closer.  We had the first big storm of the season on Wednesday night, howling winds, thunder and lightning and torrential rain;  but Thursday was bright and sunny as usual even though the nights are getting a bit chilly now.

On November 10th, Turkey observed a minute’s silence in memory of the death of Ataturk in 1938.   I find it very moving that even in these troubled times, car drivers still get out of their cars and stand silent, at the appointed time.   Pictures showed huge crowds at the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara too.

The town is pretty quiet now although a lot of the shops are still open – presumably trying to recoup some of the income lost during this summer’s disastrous season.   I was talking to a local businessman the other day who reckons it will take two years more before the situation improves – fingers crossed it will be sooner.

I hear on the grapevine that we are to have another….yes, another…new hotel in Gocek!
There is a chain of four shops opposite the Turkcell shop, which included a fashion store and a shop selling dried fruits and nuts.   I am told that these buildings are being demolished and replaced by a new hotel – just what we need.   The last time we tried to count up, we got as far as 60 hotels here before we took to drink.

I am getting so fed up with trying to remember that the UK is now three hours behind us and midday here is only 9 a.m. there.    After so many years, calculating a two hour difference came fairly easily but this extra hour really does make communication with the U.K. much more difficult.