14th August 2016 

Only four more days to go before we are home again – hooray!   Over the last month I have realized, once again, that Turkey is the place I want to be.   It’s lovely to come back, see the family and friends and revel in visits to Waitrose, but even shopping has become better in Gocek this year so I don’t need to stock up with so much when I am in the UK.

I found this article in Hurriyet Daily News quite interesting.  (CLICK HERE) Apart from pork (obviously) I hadn’t realized Turkey imported so much meat from the EU.   I always assumed most of the meat in the shops was fairly local.

It is getting to the time when I shall be on my knees in front of suitcases with luggage scales at the ready, trying to work out exactly what I can bring back this time.   It is an exercise I dread as I always seem to have far too much over my luggage allowance.   I know I said in the paragraph above that there is much more stuff available in Turkey, but there are always the delicious favourites which I can’t leave behind.  Most important is Cheddar cheese.   Why can’t we get decent strong Cheddar imported?   I refuse to buy the horrible bright orange cheddar sold in the main supermarkets.    OK, rant over – at least I know I am coming back to reasonably priced and fresh fruit and veg.  25p for a lemon here is ridiculous.

We have met up here with a couple of friends whom we usually see in Turkey.  It’s always interesting to meet friends out of context, particularly when they actually have clothes on!

So my next article really will be Life in Turkey.   It will be interesting to see what security measures are in place at Bristol and Dalaman airports – but the main thing is that we travel and arrive safely.