14th February 2016 

Half way through February already.   The evenings are getting lighter, the forecast for next week is 23 degrees and the town is starting its annual wash and brush up. 

There is some strange activity going on outside Tansas supermarket.   They are putting up a metal awning over the part of the building not owned by Tansas (i.e. the chemist and dress shop) and also round the corner facing the car park (but again not over the actual Tansas part).   Answer on a postcard please…..

If you fancy something new and exciting (or downright mad) this year, what about Base Jumping?   No I didn’t know what it was either.
Apparently, base jumping is taking off (!) in Butterfly Valley this year according to this article (CLICK HERE)  I thought paragliding was bad enough but I think I shall give this a miss.

It’s worrying to see reports of a major decrease in the forecast for tourism in Turkey this year.  However, I’m personally not sure that the celebrities mentioned in this report (CLICK HERE)
would make any of us rush to Antalya?   Maybe I’m wrong…..