15th May 2016

The weather is definitely getting hotter even at night and the town is a lot busier which is good to see.

We investigated the new Macrocenter supermarket on Friday (where Tansas used to be).   It has a good range of products, quite a lot of imported stuff and seems fairly competitive on price apart from the booze which does seem expensive.   It is well laid out and looks attractive.   Apparently it is part of the Migros group so you can use your Money Club card in there.

We also have another Gourmet Shop which has opened in the little side street opposite the patisserie.   I haven’t been inside yet but there seem to be a lot of imported goodies in the window, including pickled ginger for sushi!!!

There is a new English language Turkish news website which looks interesting (CLICK HERE).   As you know I don’t comment here on the current situation in Turkey, but apparently some of these journalists are ex Today’s Zaman writers.   An interesting choice of name – a friend has already asked if it has page 3 girls!

I went into Fethiye on the dolmus today and experienced one of those moments which make you realise how different life is.   A young lad got on the bus and proffered a 20tl note.   The driver had no change so after asking the passengers if anyone had change, he stopped at the next market at the side of the road, got out and changed the note for smaller denominations.   Can you see this happening on a UK bus?