14th May 2017

I can’t tell you how great it is to be back here in wonderful Gocek again.   To wake up in the morning and see bright sunshine and blue skies makes a huge psychological difference to me (although I’m not sure Pete feels quite the same!). The main shopping drag is now paved

and those of you who love Kebab Hospital will be interested to see the new frontage.

The gulets are lined up along the seafront and we saw the first coachload of visitors walking through the town the other day.

The bowling alley is open; we had our first game the other day and were absolutely exhausted afterwards.

I was intrigued and slightly amused to read this article in Hurriyet Daily News reporting that anti-smoking medicines are being handed out to 2.6 million people in Turkey (CLICK HERE).  Judging by the vast numbers of people smoking everywhere you go here, they have got a long way to go.

We are off for a long weekend at our favourite hotel, the Canada Hotel in Cirali near Antalya.   Two relaxing days enjoying the sunshine, swinging in hammocks under the palm trees and enjoying delicious food – I’m not sure whether it will be warm enough to swim but I might try!