15th April 2018

We have had an amazing week with a three day trip to various places around Denizli, which is about a two and a half hour drive from Gocek.

We stayed in the most extraordinary hotel, Akhan Kervansray, which is an 800 year old building where camel trains used to stop on the silk road.  It has been rebuilt, using the original stone, and is now an hotel with five bedrooms.   It is used during the season for weddings.   We watched a couple of films on YouTube – a  truly incredible setting for a wedding.

Our first cultural visit was to Aphrodisias, a large archaeological site outside Denizli.  It has the largest stadium we have ever seen which could apparently hold 30,000 spectators.
The site itself is large and took a lot of walking.

The following day after an enormous Turkish breakfast we visited Laodikya, an ancient Greek site situated in the middle of a huge plain where you could see for miles.   Again, quite a bit of walking and lots and lots of pillars.

I found a note on Trip Advisor about a newly excavated site called Tripolis.   This was very interesting – absolutely deserted apart from a few workmen and so empty that there wasn’t even an entrance booth or security post.   There is obviously a lot of work going on there but we did find this extraordinary vaulted building which housed a number of workshops….a very long time ago.

We finished our day with an underground walk into the Kaklik cave, again totally deserted.   There was a strong smell of sulphur and the pools of water were a weird shade of blue.   It was strange to be underground with waterfalls splashing though holes in the rock surface.

We did a lot of walking, saw some really interesting places and stayed in an unusual place
A reminder, once again, of the fantastic place we live in.

We go back to the UK on Tuesday for a short stay to catch up with family and of course……do some shopping.   I do hope it’s not too cold, 27 here yesterday.

As we came through the market just now, the luggage man who used to shout ‘Anaconda’ is now shouting ‘John Lewis’!!