15th January 2017

Good morning from Gocek.  It has been a mixed week weatherwise – alternate days of sunshine and strong winds and rain –but the sunny days are glorious – we have even been sitting on the balcony in the afternoons.

This snippet arrived in my email this week – I imagine a vast number of my readers will qualify!

Turkey has amended its citizenship law and will now offer citizenship to anyone purchasing $1 million worth of real estate in the country, investing at least $2 million or opening a $3 million deposit account. The new rule stipulates that the real estate purchased cannot be sold for three years and the bank deposit must be for a three-year term.

That is about £822,000 and 3,761,330 TL at current rates. I will try to find out more.

Those of you planning trips to Turkey this year might find this list of Public Holidays useful.  (CLICK HERE) At least Ramazan is no longer in the height of summer.

We took our car into Fethiye yesterday for its annual service and with 3 hours to kill, we wandered up to the Erasta shopping centre.  There was hardly a soul there – I suppose not really surprising at this time of year- but you do have to question the cost of keeping the place open with so few customers.   Still, we were glad to be able to wander around in the warm and get a decent cup of coffee in  Café Dunyasi.