15th July 2018 

Half way through July already and only two more weeks until we go back to the UK for August.

It has been pretty warm again this week, 38 degrees yesterday and even the nights are around 23.   How did they manage before aircon and fridges?

The town is extremely busy.   I have never seen so many cars parked.   Still, it must be good news for the shop and boat owners.   Hope it continues.

I hear the new terminal at the airport has now opened although the reports don’t seem to be too impressive.   Still, it’s early days yet…….

We have been intrigued this week to watch what appears to be a big aircon unit being installed at the kultur merkezi (otherwise known as the monstrosity).    As far as we know it has never been used in the five or so years since it was built (apart from housing the odd refugee).   Does this mean it is about to become the hub of the town?

I was interested in this article in Fethiye Times reading about lavender production in Turkey (CLICK HERE)   I would have thought that it was too hot to mass produce lavender but I was obviously wrong!

It’s market day as usual and it looks like a busy one.    This was the view of the car parking a short while ago.   Still with all the fantastic fruit available at such low prices, is it really so surprising?