15th October 2017  

Still warm and sunny here in Gocek, although it’s trousers and socks in the evening.

About a week ago we were driving back from Fethiye and noticed that Bulent’s Pork Shop in Calis looked very different.   Not Pork Shop any more, but greengrocer, alcohol sales and charcuterie.    Yesterday we stopped to investigate.  The same lady is still there (apparently she is Bulent’s sister) but the shop has had a makeover.  Lots of alcohol (which she assured me is the same price as supermarkets), fruit and veg outside….but still the same range of imported goods on the shelves.   Still some pork products – sausages, black pudding, pork chops etc. – but a smaller selection.   Still, they normally cut down their stock at this time of year so hopefully they will stock the usual range next year.

I had to smile at this article in Daily Sabah (CLICK HERE).  What do you think the chances are of these people claiming land from one of the last Ottoman Sultan’s estates?

I mentioned a while ago that there were plans to make a nature reserve along the stretch of coast between Calis and Fethiye.   This article in Land of Lights provides more information and some pictures (CLICK HERE)  I must say, it looks quite impressive…..if it happens like this.

Cumhuriyet Day falls at the end of October and once again the school band is practicing in the market place.   It is encouraging to see how they improve day by day….just wish they would change the tune!