16th July 2017

Well, recycling is definitely coming to Gocek.   There was a lot of activity and rumbling under the market place a couple of days ago.  A lorry was unloading a number of huge purple containers designed to take shoes, clothing and textiles!  Will it be long before we get separate bins for food waste etc?   I will take a photo for next week.

We had a great short break at Hotel Canada at Cirali this week.   This is our second time there this year and we have been going for eight years so I think you will appreciate that we love visiting.
It’s such a great plate to chill and relax.

Sitting having a leisure drink at the Yagmur Hotel (as we frequently do), this baby bird fluttered down onto one of the chairs.   It was very hungry but didn’t seem able to feed itself.   The staff gave us some bread and Pete fed it by hand.  It wasn’t afraid of us but some of the Turkish visitors were terrified.   After some research we think it is a baby magpie – we will do what we can to help it survive.

We decided to try a new route back from Cirali this time,   We usually go over the mountains one way and back along the beautiful coast road the other, but this time we found a route from Elmali to Kas through different mountains.   It was extraordinary.
The area is full of polytunnels growing vegetables so we drove through a sea of plastic interspersed with tiny villages going back a hundred years or more…..apparently derelict cottages (still inhabited) and isolated houses miles from anywhere.   It always amazes me that you can drive through such diverse places – although they all seem to have electricity and satellite dishes!

Less than two weeks till we go back to the UK – time to hit the market and presents to take back.