16th October 2016

We have enjoyed another short break this week in Eceabat on the Dardanelles Straits.    For the fifth time we stayed in Hotel Casa Villa where we received the usual warm welcome.

There are so many places to visit in this area commemorating the battles fought during the Dardanelles campaign.   I must admit that I have always been a bit confused about the geography of the battles but on this visit we watched a very informative short video in the Canakkale Naval Museum which made it very clear.   Last time we visited this museum the fortress was closed for renovation.   This time it was open and we were able to wander round looking at mines and artillery used in the campaign.

On our way up to Canakkale we visited Troy.   On past visits we have been a little disappointed with the ruins but since our last visit, a lot more excavations have been carried out – I still don’t like the Wooden Horse though!

On our last evening in Eceabat, the men in our party decided that they wanted steak for dinner.  We asked our friendly hotel manager where to go, he assured us that he had phoned around but there was no steak available!    As we didn’t believe him we wandered the streets of the town, asking plaintively whether various restaurants had steak.    Do you know, not one of the places we visited could provide us with what we wanted – kofte, lots of fish, anything but…..steak!!

The nine-hour journey back was long but the roads are really first class now and made driving relatively easy, in spite of the singularly distinctive Turkish driving style!

In town this morning we saw an interesting sight.   A group of young Turkish women;  one in full black robe and headscarf, two in jeans and headscarves and one in jeans, a strappy top and hair loose down her back.   They were all laughing and joking- isn’t this how it should be?