16th September 2018 

Half way through September and the weather is getting a little bit cooler, but still a lot warmer than the UK.

Town is still pretty busy but the Turkish schools go back next week so I imagine the season will start slowing down then.

Although I enjoy swimming, I have never been very keen on underwater pursuits.   This article in Fethiye Times features a guy who attempts just about everything underwater (CLICK HERE).  I admire his skills  but definitely not for me!

It’s wedding season again in Gocek.  Over the last two weekends, we have enjoyed lines of cars tooting up and down the roads and fantastic displays of fireworks.

I mentioned last week that we had had a horrendous experience negotiating the car park at the new Arrivals terminal at Dalaman Airport.   Well, thanks to a kind friend, we have now discovered a much easier way to pick people up. If you drive through the coachpark of the old terminal, keep driving and you eventually arrive at the road which runs alongside the new terminal.   You may have to park a little distance from the doors but if friends phone you when they have picked up their luggage, you can drive to the top of the steps and pick them up.   You don’t even have to pay!!