17th December 2017

Thank goodness there is only a week to go until Christmas; life here is manic. The shops are heaving, the roads are crowded and I queued for half an hour yesterday to get some stamps!

In Gocek we are used to seeing the daily rubbish collections by vehicles but I have never seen rubbish collected by donkeys!  I did enjoy this article in Hurriyet Daily News (CLICK HERE) as yet another example of how the old customs are still going strong in Turkey. I love the reference to the donkeys listening to classical music!

Whilst we are in the UK, we have been visiting a number of National Trust houses, most of which have been decorated for Christmas.   I must admit it is a treat to wander round some of these beautiful buildings and does, in fact, make a nice change from Roman ruins (even though I shall never tire of admiring these ancient buildings).

When I think of visiting Izmir, my mind automatically picks up on a wander round Ikea.   However, this article in Daily Sabah (CLICK HERE) suggests some other activities – we might have to give it a go