17th January 2016 

Oh the excitement!   We have another supermarket in Gocek.  A101 opened last week on the site just before Isbank opposite the school (where the signorta shop used to be).  We now have A101, BIM, SOK, Tansas, Kipa, 2 x Migros, Carrefour and Aldim not including all the small markets dotted around the town.   Seems a bit of overkill, especially since it doesn’t seem to lead to much price competition.

The recent tax increases mean that the cost of using the Gocek Tunnel has increased from 3.5TL to 4.5TL (CLICK HERE)   As you can see, there is no date yet for the opening of the second tunnel.

Following on from the link I published last week regarding changes to the driving licence regulations, this article (CLICK HERE) gives some further information.  Those of us who already have Turkish driving licences have until 2020 to change to the new format.   If you are applying for your first Turkish licence, your previous licence,  from the UK for example, will now be returned to the country of origin after your Turkish licence has been issued.

We were walking past the school the other afternoon when the children started singing the Turkish National Anthem.   Not only were we impressed that the children knew the words (how many children in the UK know the words to God Save the Queen?) but also several men in the nearby cafes were standing to attention!   I do admire the Turks’ respect for their country.