16th July 2016 

What an eventful week – you never know what’s round the corner, do you?   Last weekend I tripped whilst loading the dishwasher and managed to stab my arm with a knife – not to be recommended.   As it was 7 p.m. at the weekend, the health clinic was shut so we went to the Atlas private clinic (down the road from the Mercan).   I was seen immediately by an English speaking doctor who reassured me that I hadn’t done any permanent damage and put stitches in quickly and painlessly.   This isn’t the cheapest place to get medical treatment but I am very impressed with the service I am getting during my daily visits to get the dressing changed.    If you don’t want to trek into Fethiye to a hospital, this might be worth a visit.

The week did improve, thank goodness, with a visit, with friends, to the Q Lounge in D-Resort.   What a lovely place;  the views over the bay are sensational, the service was friendly and they even serve Tanqueray gin!

Following the recent tragic news from Istanbul and Ankara, this article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) suggests it may be worth allowing extra time to get to Dalaman Airport due to increased security checks.   I personally don’t have any problems with extra security;  I would rather be safe than sorry!

To finish on a lighter note, the other night I enjoyed a dish a king prawns at the local restaurant.   I was provided with a finger bowl which was given to me with the proud announcement ‘fish finger’!!

Next week’s Life in Gocek will be Life in Wellington again – but I will still be reporting on things happening in this lovely town.