18th December 2016 

I had a pleasant surprise this week.   Whilst I am in the UK I decided to renew my passport.   As it’s Christmas it seemed sensible to go in person to the passport office and select the fast track 1 week service.   We went to the Newport office, only had to wait a couple of minutes and the whole process was completed in just over five minutes.   The paperwork says that the new passport will arrive in 7 days – in fact it arrived in 2!!   Turkish bureaucracy could learn something from this.   I now have my new passport ready to renew my ikamet in January.   Any bets on how long that will take?

Having seen the impact on shopkeepers this year caused by the lack of tourists, I found this article interesting. (CLICK HERE)  The thought of one million Chinese descending on Turkey made me smile – makes a change from Japanese!

I have moaned in the past about the nightmare of recycling when we are in the UK – I am delighted to say that this time I seem to have got my mind around the contents of green and black bins.  It is still a real chore sorting out plastic, paper, foil etc. but at least I don’t have to consult my list every time now.   So I am doing my bit for the environment…at least whilst we are here.

We are off on our travels over the next few days visiting friends and families – let’s hope the traffic isn’t too horrendous….but it is Christmas.