18th March 2018 

A couple of weeks ago I told the tale of ordering some new knobs for our cooker.   We had a call from Arcelik saying that the knobs would be delivered last Saturday.   The guy arrived just after 9 a.m. with a set of new knobs and fitted them onto the cooker easily.   He then confused me by saying he needed a password from my telephone!   I checked and there was a text from Arcelik giving a password which he had to input into his own phone.   This presumably confirmed that he had carried out the work and was therefore entitled to be paid!   I have never come across this before…..it’s amazing how efficient Turkey can be sometimes.  

I mentioned last week that there appears to be a new shop coming in next to Nursel’s Antik Hediye shop (just up from West café).   I am now told that this will be an upmarket dress boutique with a dress costing around 1,000 tl (£200).  I can’t wait!!

Down here in southern Turkey we don’t have the benefit of railway services – a great pity after I read this article on the Eastern Express, which runs from Ankara to Kars in the north.(CLICK HERE).  Ankara is an 8 hour drive from Gocek (although I suppose you could fly) which makes it a lengthy trip.   Shame.

Next Sunday will see British Summer Time starting in the UK.   At least then we shall only have two hours’ time difference, thank goodness.   A 3-hour delay has really confused me this winter….all right, I know, I get easily confused!!