18th November 2018

I am writing this listening to the rain pattering on the roof.   Still, this is the first really rainy day since about May!

There are a couple of interesting bits of info published this week.

Bearing in mind that every time I walk down to the town I pass mounds of plastic bottles, bags, cardboard and other unmentionable rubbish, I shall be interested to see the effect of the legislation mentioned in this article (CLICK HERE). I will keep you posted!

There is also an article in YellAli regarding the distribution of plastic bags by supermarkets.  Call me cynical but…..(CLICK HERE)

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that new driving traffic laws were being passed.   Have a look at this (CLICK HERE)   Over three million drivers??? 

Following on from my saga last week about getting deliveries from Amazon Turkey, I am delighted to report that one package, from Yurtici Kargo, has been delivered, mainly due to considerable help from a Turkish speaking friend.   The second parcel seems to be vanished off the face of the earth.  I have requested a refund from the supplier but I am told that they can’t refund as the parcel hasn’t been delivered!!!

Don’t you just love Turkey?