18th September 2016

We are coming to the end of Bayram after a busy week in the town.   There have been lots of Turkish tourists eating, shopping and going out on boat trips.   As usual, our landlady presented us with a large rib of what I think is lamb.   After five hours cooking it was almost edible. Still, the sentiment behind the gift was greatly appreciated.

Do have a read of this article I found recently on the BBC website. (Click Here)   I found it extremely interesting that South Americans recognizes a similarity between their countries and Turkey.   Whilst I personally find Turkish television a bit too over-romanticised, I can certainly understand the need to get away from the current vogue for violence and sex in UK and US programmes.

We had a great meal at the Bella Mamma restaurant in Calis this week.   The food is excellent there and the prices are reasonable.   Calis beach was heaving – so glad we don’t live there.

Now that Bayram has finished I imagine the town will be getting quieter again.   The children will be going back to school after the long summer break and shopkeepers will be putting out Indirim (Sale) signs (although these have been visible all through the summer).   I always think that is one of the loveliest times in Gocek, the weather is getting slowly milder although the sun is still hot;  the nights are definitely cooler and there are signs of our favourite Turkish town emerging again after the tourist season.