19th August 2018 

Another dark damp week in the UK.   Sounds like dark damp economic news from Turkey too, although the rate of 8tl to the pound is incredible.  Still with inflation hitting 15% we shall certainly see some price increases when we go back.

We always enjoy visiting museums and this article in Hurriyet Daily News gives details of 20 Turkish museums to visit (CLICK HERE). We have visited 8 of the 20, so still way to go.

Those of you who know me, realize that decent cheese plays an important role in my life.   Although this doesn’t relate to Turkey, I was amused by this article detailing the find of a 3,200 year old cheese in Egypt (CLICK HERE).   I think I will stick to stinky French cheeses!

I am delighted to see that the Aspendos opera and ballet festival will be taking place in September (CLICK HERE) This Roman amphitheatre is the most amazing setting to watch open air theatre – if you are around Antalya, do go;  it’s well worth the visit.

We still haven’t booked our return flights to Turkey – the prices are horrendous.   Fingers crossed for a last minute cheapie.

Next week will bring Kurban Bayram to Turkey – iyi bayramlar to all our friends.