19th February 2017

The good weather continues – around 18 degrees in the daytime although there can be a very cold wind.   Still, blue skies,  blue sea and bright sunshine all mean that life in Gocek is still great.

The main street is still under construction.   Coming out of Kipa the other day we had to clamber over heaps of small stones – in the UK there would be barriers everywhere and you wouldn’t be allowed any access at all.   Another great example of Turkey expecting you to take responsibility for yourself.

We are starting to think about getting out and about again and I read this article in Fethiye Times with interest (CLICK HERE). We have driven the Kalkan/Kas road often but usually en route to Antalya.   This article may inspire us to explore the road a little more and enjoy the scenery – even the acres of plastic in the Xanthos valley!

Another place which sounds interesting is Mount Latmos on the site of Lake Bafa (CLICK HERE).
It’s a bit of a drive away but might prove an interesting trip.

Closer to home, we are planning a visit to Mugla Museum which sounds interesting.   It’s not a long drive so we are trying to find other places to visit en route so that we can make a couple of days away.    I will report what we find!