19th March 2017 

I wish I could report that the main street is now beautifully paved and a vision of comfort.   Sadly, this is not the case although it appears that they are getting ready to concrete prior to paving.   This picture was taken from the square facing up the shopping street.   It’s still a dreadful mess.

There is an interesting article in Fethiye Times this week regarding any of you who let out property in Turkey.  (CLICK HERE). Worth a read if it applies to you.

I had to visit the Turkcell shop the other day to top up my mobile.    Ahmed, the guy there took my money and details and explained that my topup would be added in about an hour when his computer system came back.  There was no problem and my new balance came through within the timescale.    Can you imagine paying for a service like this in the UK up front without a slight worry about whether it would work or not?

I walked past the Kultur Merkezi (the Mausoleum) the ugliest and most useless building in Gocek, the other day to hear drilling from inside, a couple of lorries outside and workmen moving around.   After lying dormant for several years now, is something going to happen?   Sadly, I don’t suppose they are going to pull it down.  Watch this space……

According to the forecast, the temperatures will steadily rise during next week – hooray!