19th November 2017 

Our last week before we go back to the UK for Christmas and I am not looking forward to the cold weather over there.  This week has been glorious although rain is forecast for next week.

Following my comment last week about the possible closing of the Dice Bar, we went in and had a chat to the owners.   They are quite adamant that they will be open next year as usual 
so let’s hope we shall be sitting on the jetty looking out to sea with a gin and tonic again next year.

We have lived in Turkey for almost 9 years now and I have only just discovered that Aydem, the electricity company, has on-line services where you can arrange to have your bill sent by email.
I only found out through this very informative article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE).  It’s very clear and easy to follow and means that even when we are in the UK, we shall know what our latest bill will be.

Recently we had the usual enjoyable lunch in the garden at the Natural restaurant.   They have done a lot of work to the inside restaurant, new windows, new ceiling (needed after the fire during our book club meeting a couple of years ago) and redecoration.   This is always such a cosy place to eat in the winter and they still have the open fire!

According to an article in Hurriyet Daily News, it is possible that planes flying to and from Turkey may have armed security guards traveling on them. (CLICK HERE).   I am greatly in favour of security measures whilst traveling but personally, am a bit doubtful about armed guards on aircraft – what do you think?