1st April 2018 

So it’s April and here in Gocek, spring has definitely arrived.   The trees are green, the blossom is cascading and the mimosa is showing vibrant yellow everywhere.    OK, that’s the poetry over!

The town is certainly starting to wake up – more shops are opening every day after their winter break and boats are starting to appear in the marinas.

The bowling alley opens today – we hope to be their first customers – certainly the first of many visits we shall make during the season.

I enjoyed this article in Fethiye Times about tortoises – we have certainly seen and heard them mating in our garden and I am sure we shall be rescuing suicidal tortoises from the middle of roads. (CLICK HERE)

Just in case there are any new readers, I thought I would mention the book club here in Gocek.   We meet at a restaurant in town on the last Tuesday of every summer month, apart from August.  We held a very lively meeting last week – 12 people attended which was a good number.   If anyone is interested in coming along, please let me know.

As I mentioned last week, the children are busy getting their dancing feet on ready for Childrens’ Day on 23rd April.   The other day they were out in the market place.   The music started off with traditional Turkish dance music, then more modern pop type stuff and finished with the music to Swan Lake!!   I couldn’t see if they were actually mastering pirouettes and arabesques.

So a very happy Easter to you all – it always seems strange to have a Bank Holiday in the UK while life goes on as normal (?) here.