1st July 2018 

July already;  less than six months to Christmas!

I had a big surprise last Sunday.   We were sitting having lunch at the Limon, as usual, when somebody tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned round and found my daughter, son in law and youngest grandson all laughing and shouting ‘surprise!’.   I am told my face was a picture!

So it has been an unexpectedly busy week.   My family are staying at the Selya Apart Otel which seems to be a favourite for our friends this year.   The rooms are clean and comfortable and the staff are very friendly and welcoming – well worth a visit if you are thinking of coming.   (CLICK HERE) to see more about it.

I had my third boat trip out on Beyaz as well.   I have mentioned before how much I like this boat.  It is small, comfortable and the food provided for lunch is amazing.   The captain, Sercan, is very friendly and it is lovely to just watch the countryside slip by.   This is the only website I can find which is a bit out of date but does show pictures of the boat (CLICK HERE)The boat is moored about half way down the town quay, just past S.S. Serdar.

We have been back to Sea Shell restaurant a couple of times this week as my family enjoy eating there.   We always get a big welcome and it is novel to sit at tables and chairs which look like carriages.     Their pancakes with ice cream are always a hit with us.   It’s situated down at the far end of the seafront, just past the ice cream shack before the amphitheatre.

Sorry this week’s blog has been so personal but we have had a great time visiting places which we enjoy…..and maybe you will too!