1st May 2016 

It’s Mayday today although sadly we haven’t seen any dancing round Maypoles.   Still, I don’t think it happens much in the UK these days anyway.

It’s wedding time again here – drums banging, cars sounding their horns and the sound of Turkish music.   Add to that the increasing number of gullets and yachts in the marinas and it’s pretty obvious that the season has started!   Even the Sunday market is back to its usual size after several months of only a small number of stalls.

It’s the time of year here when everything is covered in heavy yellow dust.   I found this article in Fethiye Times interesting (CLICK HERE) - however, it doesn’t give much comfort when the car needs cleaning almost every day.

According to this article in Hurriyet Daily News, the anticipated drop in tourism is starting (CLICK HERE) I think the drop in Russian visitors was anticipated but I was surprised to see that German tourists are also giving Turkey a miss.  Those of you in the UK, please try to convince all your friends that Turkey is no more dangerous than anywhere else.   Gocek, like so many towns on this coastline, depends to a great extent on the income tourists bring in – please keep them coming.

We are off for a short break tomorrow to one of our favourite hotels, the lovely Hotel Canada in Cirali, near Antalya.   More about our travels next week.