1st October 2017 

Welcome to October when the days are still warm but the nights are getting cooler.

Various bits of information for you this week.

Firstly, good news;  apparently Macrocenter is staying open this winter so we can continue to buy imported goodies.

Secondly, not so good news – Apparently car tax is going up by 40% from January.   This article also covers tax increases in other areas (CLICK HERE

Possibly more good news about changing the clocks in Turkey.  (CLICK HERE)  Time will tell ……

Lastly, more bad news if you are planning a trip to Greece this autumn.   (CLICK HERE)   I can’t find any confirmation on any of the ferry company websites so maybe it doesn’t apply to ferries.   This is Turkey, who knows?

One final bit of good news – the TL rate against the pound is 4.78!!   It hasn’t been that high for a while.