20th March 2016 

Well, there are a couple of changes in town to report this week.   Firstly, Café de Café has closed and the shop is now a butcher, Marin Et,  which used to be down one of the side roads.   We haven’t been in there yet but I will look and report.

Secondly, on the old Tansas block, where the bank used to be, is going to be a Gratis drugstore.   I don’t know this chain but they appear to have several branches in big cities throughout Turkey.  I don’t know how this will affect Oya’s pharmacy next door or Watsons opposite,  but Gocek will have two drugstores and three pharmacies!   Still, maybe competition is good.

On the subject of shops, we noticed some time ago that a new pork shop had opened in Calis and finally got in there last week.   It is a branch of Tugcem (the original pork shop in Fethiye, opposite Erasta shopping centre).    It is small and doesn’t seem to stock much which isn’t already available in Bulent’s Pork Shop on the Calis-Fethiye road.    Still, I will keep my eye open for special offers!

It has been cooler this week but spring continues approach with lilies opened in our front garden.   I thought you might enjoy this photograph of almond trees in blossom which I look on our journey to Ankara last week – aren’t they beautiful?

I’m afraid there seems to be a lot of news about shops this week, but I do like to keep you all up to date with developments in town.    Oh, and there are some Easter eggs around.