20th May 2018

Another busy week for us here in Turkey.  We don’t seemed to have stopped since we got back ten days ago.

On Monday we drove over to the lovely Hotel Canada in Cirali, near Antalya for a short stay.  I think we have been going here now for about ten years but I never get tired of it.   The log cabins are set in lovely gardens, the food is great, the pool is good and the staff are so friendly.   Well worth a visit if you haven’t already been.

Pete celebrated his birthday whilst we were away.  The hotel laid out a lovely table with balloons and flowers, a great chocolate cake and we even had music provided by two of the waiters.  Better than a burger at MacDonalds!!

We also managed the walk up to the Chimaera (eternal flame).   This is a 3km walk up a very uneven track, some stone steps, some loose earth, which took us about an hour.   I last did it three years ago (I think) and I was horrified to find how much more difficult I found it this time.   Anno domini, I’m afraid.   However, it is absolutely amazing.   Have a look at for some photos of the flames (and also the terrain) Click HERE .

Ramadan started here last Wednesday.   I am sure it must be easier for devout Muslims to fast all day whilst it is still relatively cool (although the temperatures have been in the 30s over the last few days).   It does mean, though, that the early morning call to prayer (which is extra loud to warn people that this is the last chance to eat for the day) takes place about 4.20 a.m.  A bit of a problem for light sleepers like me!

Hopefully a quieter week to come this week – I might even have to do some housework!!