20th November 2016 

Goodness, only five weeks to Christmas!  I must admit I am very glad to live in a country without the Christmas frenzy which seems to be attacking the UK at the moment.   But I do love the John Lewis Christmas ad!

As many of you will know, I am not a walker, but I did enjoy this description of the walk from Oludeniz to Faralya (CLICK HERE)    I have driven the route by car several times and it is certainly spectacular.

Although I did go onto the balcony a couple of times last Monday to see the supermoon, it  
was pretty cloudy and, although it was obviously very bright, the moon was not very clear.   However, these photos around Fethiye show the magnificent sight much more clearly (CLICK HERE).

It is market day today and looking out, there are quite a few empty spaces to be seen.   The market traders work so hard during the summer that they really do deserve a break in the winter.  During the summer, several stallholders arrive around 7 on a Saturday evening, sleep in their vehicles overnight and start trading around 7 in the morning.   On a good day they won’t start packing up until at least 5.30pm.   Sadly this year hasn’t been a good one for them so there are times when packing up starts around 3pm.   Still, the range of fruit and veg is incredible at the moment – mandarins and lemons are coming in, celeriac, cauliflowers, cabbages…..you name it you can get it!   I am making the most of the Turkish prices before we come back to the UK and I start having to pay double if not three times and price.