22nd August 2016 

It is so great to be back in Turkey again.   We had a fairly good flight back;  the plane was full and Dalaman Airport was absolutely heaving – perhaps tourists are realizing that this is still a wonderful holiday venue.  

Unfortunately we have had a series of disasters since we arrived back.   Firstly, we arrived home to find a pool of water in the bathroom – looks like the toilet cistern is leaking.   As it’s set inside the wall we are waiting for a plumber to come to see what needs to be done.

Then on Friday whilst driving in Fethiye, we managed to damage one of the front tyres on the car.   The wheel had to be changed whilst we were parked on the road.   We must have been a bizarre sight – Pete on his hands and knees and me holding an umbrella trying to shield him from the sun!   As soon as we got back into Gocek we stopped at the tyre place just opposite the BP garage on the main road called Otolas.   There is a new owner there, a very helpful young man called Elyas (I think that’s how you spell it).   He speaks good English which always helps.   He advised that we needed a new tyre, phoned the suppliers and told us that the new tyre would be arriving on the next dolmus from Fethiye!   It never fails to amaze me how things get ferried here and there on the bus system!   The tyre duly arrived and was fitted that evening, thank goodness.

The third disaster occurred when I tried to switch on my smartphone and nothing happened.  Turned out the thing was completely kaput so I’ve had to buy a new one!

Still, they say bad news always comes in threes so hopefully that’s it over and done with.   The good news is that our car passed it’s MOT yesterday so that’s done for another two years.

To finish on a note of really good news,the British Embassy in Ankara posted this comment the other day.   It certainly looks as if the dreaded 120 day rule is being abolished which will be really good news for a lot of our friends here.   Apparently the new regulations aren’t coming into force until September.   I will try to find out exactly when.

Adjustments to Resident Permit rules for foreigners announced by DGMM

“The Directorate General of Migration Management announced on Tuesday 16 August, changes to the Foreigners & International Protection Law No. 6458. There are some changes which address concerns that British residents have previously raised and, we hope, will be good news for the British community:
- Individuals will be able to apply for residence permits via DGMM appointed private companies as well as DGMM offices. We have no further details on the details of these agents.
- Short term residence permits will be granted for up to 2 years instead of 1 year.
- Family permits will be granted for up to 3 years instead of 2 years.
- KKTC and foreign national investors and their dependants will be granted short term residence permits for up to 5 years (the nature and amount of the investment will be regulated by Ministerial Council)
- 120 day limit to stay out of Turkey to avoid cancellation of Short Term permits is removed – there will be no set limit to stay abroad
- 180 day limit to stay out of Turkey to avoid cancellation of Family permits is removed – there will be no set limit to stay abroad

These announcements were made via DGGM’s Twitter account @Gocidaresi . We expect that more information about the changes will soon be available at www.goc.gov.tr . If you have questions or queries about these changes let us know in the comments section and we will raise them with DGMM.”