21st January 2018 

It’s been a bit more wintry this week, with temperatures around 15 and quite a bit of rain.  However, the next ten days or so look bright and sunny again so I can go back to sitting on the balcony.

I have mentioned recently that the building which used to house the newsagents and chemist had been pulled down.   I should have also mentioned that the demolition includes the surgery of the best dentist in Gocek, Muammer.   Don’t worry, his surgery has moved to the building behind the old one, above the block housing the Papyon and Mercan restaurants.    So we can still get our teeth sorted!

Over the years we have visited Troy several times and I have always been a bit disappointed with the lack of things to see.   However, according to this article (CLICK HERE) it might be worth another visit this spring.

I was a bit saddened to read this article about possible redevelopment of beautiful Patara beach (CLICK HERE) Still, there have been suggestions like this in the past which have never progressed – let’s hope this one fades out.   It is such an amazing beach it would be such a pity to ruin it.

Another snippet of local news to finish off – the second Gocek Tunnel is still not open – am I surprised??