22nd April 2018 

So here we are back in Somerset for a short break.   We had a good trip back (apart from paying 35tl for a small glass of wine at Dalaman Airport) but after leaving home at 10.30pm we didn’t arrive at Wellington until 5am (which was really 7am for us on Turkish time).   Having managed a couple of hours’ sleep we had a very confused day.   All the clocks here were on standard GMT and had not been changed to UK summer time.   At 10.30 therefore I was quite convinced it was 11.30 which threw me out completely.

It has taken us a couple of days to get back to normal (whatever normal is) but luckily the weather has been glorious so we have been able to relax in the garden.   A couple of very satisfying shopping trips and I am beginning to recover.

We drove into Devon yesterday – absolutely beautiful.   All the trees are turning green, lots of daffodils and bluebells around and lambs gamboling in the fields beside their mums.   How do you actually gambol?   I’m not sure.  

Just before we left Gocek I took this photo of the flowers filling the central reservation opposite the Kultur Merkesi.   I must give Fethiye Belediye full credit for their gardening efforts – the colours are just fantastic.

We are now planning some National Trust property visits – after the Greek and Roman ruins on our trip last week, stately homes and manicured gardens will be totally different.    However, the weather is forecast to get cooler and wetter – welcome to the UK.